Its 2020 and the future is here! While we still don’t have flying cars or floating buildings as we’d predicted, there is no denying that we’ve witnessed some truly futuristic inventions over the past decade alone. We’ve got self-driving cars, 3-D metal printers, home cleaning robots and much more. To say the least, technology has improved our lives by allowing us to improve efficiencies and reduce the time taken for everyday activities.

One such innovation that we truly appreciate is the e-cycle. Amidst the ongoing environmental crisis, e-cycles have emerged as a sustainable and eco-friendly mobility solution. Right about now, you might be thinking – ‘But cycles are already sustainable vehicles!’ The thing is, however, that while normal cycles are  ‘green’, they cannot replace the vehicles we use for our daily commute. For that, we need something that’s faster and more powerful. This is where e-cycles enter the picture.

Ultimate flexibility and convenience

E-cycles are perhaps the most flexible and seamless mobility solutions at the moment. Firstly, since e-bikes offer power assistance while pedaling, anyone from kids, professionals and even the elderly can easily ride e-cycles. As leading e-cycle variants have detachable batteries, they can be charged anywhere – at home, office or school.

They are equally convenient for personal use or business commuting. With the increasing availability of parking areas at bus stops, metro stations, etc, e-cycles are also a great option for last-mile connectivity. That riding them does not require any special papers or licenses, further cements the fact that e-cycles are for everyone!

Additionally, e-cycles are superior to other forms of mobility thanks to the varied terrain that they can cover. You can ride a basic e-cycle on pavements, grass, roads, hills, flyover and more.

Get there, faster

E-cycles are equipped with easily rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and can travel up to 25 – 45 km/h. As compared to regular bicycles, that’s pretty fast. In fact, e-cycles are like small scooters, that can get you to your next destination faster at the fraction of the cost without increasing your overall carbon footprint.

A health boost

While e-cycles make for an effortless ride (no more sweaty bike rides!), they are still a great way to get a full-body workout. Riding e-cycles improves your core strength, reduces stress, and helps you lose weight. It’s definitely a great way to combat the effects of the sedentary lifestyle that most of us practice nowadays.

Easy on the pocket

As it is the case with all types of electric vehicles, e-cycles help you save loads of cash in the long run. While you might feel that the initial cost is high, think of all the money you currently spend on diesel/petrol. Considering the constantly rising fuel prices plus maintenance costs that are negligible in the case of e-cycles, they are quite affordable.

Cycling is fun!

Finally, riding an e-cycle is a sheer delight and a truly fun activity! It is a great way to remain healthy and enjoy your daily commute in a way that is also responsible towards the planet. Moreover, now that they are easily available in the country, its opportune time to switch to e-cycles. Believe it or not, they’re the future of transportation!