When we announced our imminent rebranding, a lot of people came up to us with one question: why now?

Their concern seemed valid. With superlative products, a large and growing market presence, and high end-consumer acceptance, Avan Motors had established itself as one of the fastest-growing e-vehicle brands in the country. We were riding on a wave of success with several award wins, press mentions and ever-increasing sales. After considering the issues faced by hundreds of two-wheeler riders and carrying out extensive R&D, our products were technologically sound and superior. Recently, we also ventured into the B2B space with a dedicated program that offers electric mobility solutions to corporates. With an impeccable reputation and industry-wide recognition, would such a transformation be wise?

Our answer to those questions was – and will remain – a resounding yes. We were growing at an unprecedented pace and this is exactly why we needed a brand refresh. As Avan continued to evolve, we realized that we were no longer just an e-scooter manufacturer. With consistent innovation and forward movement, we’d become a holistic electric mobility solutions company. This, according to us, was something that our brand identity – right down to the name and logo – needed to reflect.

This change also needed to be in line with transforming customer sentiments. Electric mobility is no longer a pipe dream for India. Consumers are more conscious of environmental issues and are willing to actively make a difference. So, we decided to let the world know that we will be their partners in creating a sustainable future. And just like that, Avan Motors paved the way for Nexzu Mobility.

However, while it was a strategic decision that we all agreed upon, the transition to Nexzu Mobility was not all that simple. We needed to create an identity that reflected our evolved proposition and built on the success of Avan Motors while underlining the promise of future readiness. While our mission, vision and enhanced capabilities were in place, the new name and logo were yet to be decided

Considering our overarching goal of revolutionizing electric mobility in India, we finally decided that the new brand name would be Nexzu – Bringing the NEXt revolution for the Gen Z spirit in U. Through this name, we aim to communicate our intention to take ‘You’ to your ‘Next’ destination in an innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

Then came our new logo – the visual vocabulary that would introduce Nexzu to its target audience. At first glance, it might look simple. But, the underlying meaning behind our new logo is a bit more intricate. The Nexzu logo combines two important brand elements, a circular Nexzu symbol and the stylish Nexzu wordmark. The circular symbol with pathway-inspired stripes forming an “N” is representative of its strong foundation in mobility and the spirit of continuous innovation, while the wordmark typeface embodies its brand promise of smart mobility.

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