If you are thinking of buying an electric vehicle – congratulations! You’re about to make a decision that will contribute to the betterment of our environment. Since EVs run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and have no tailpipe emissions, your carbon footprint will reduce dramatically. The planet, and its inhabitants, will thank you every time you plug in to charge your vehicle instead of lining up at the fuel station.

But, when you do buy that EV, know that you’re not just helping the planet – this purchase has several direct benefits for you too. Yes! While environmental protection remains the most crucial advantage, here are some more benefits of EVs:

Low costs – for life!

First of all, EVs are extremely cost-effective – you never have to pay for diesel or petrol again! To understand just how much you’ll be saving, all you need to do is compare the lifetime cost of ownership of EVs vs regular petrol/diesel scooters.

While the cost/km of riding regular scooters is around INR 1.5, for EVs this is around INR 0.2. Assuming a petrol/diesel scooter lasts 8 years and covers 1,00,000 km, you’ll be shelling out INR 1,50,000 to operate it. On the other hand, considering an EV lasts equally as long, you will only be spending INR 20,000! So, by switching to an eco-friendly EV, you save a whopping 1,30,000!

The decision, therefore, is a no-brainer.


With EVs, you save on more than just fuel costs. You also end up saving big on regular maintenance. An average petrol-based 2-wheeler contains over 1000 parts whereas Nexzu Mobility’s cutting-edge 2-wheelers contain less than 150 parts. Naturally, lesser parts equal lesser need for maintenance. All you need is a bi-annual or annual servicing and battery check-up, and you’re good to go.

Moreover, when you own a Nexzu Mobility E-scooter, you get delightfully easy availability of spare parts along with prompt servicing. Thus, the little maintenance that your EV needs, happens seamlessly, and you can continue to drive worry-free.

EV creators are striving to make the existing batteries even more eco-friendly and efficient while strengthening their vision to make India brighter, greener and better.

No roars, no revving 

One of the coolest things about EVs is the no-sound factor. Driving an EV is like entering into a quieter world with almost no revving noise. Plus, you won’t even need a lot of revving. Most EVs have instant torque – you’ll get an immediate and powerful response and feel the surge of speed the moment you hit the accelerator. So, you protect the world from air pollution as well as noise pollution.

Utmost convenience 

Your EV can be charged anywhere – home, office, shop or parking lot – using the basic wall sockets you find everywhere. So, forget about the long queues at the petrol pumps. You will have the freedom to make a charging plan according to your schedule and drive without any metaphorical bumps in the road.


Family-friendly and business-friendly

EVs are also super versatile. You can buy one for personal use – everyone from the eldest to the youngest member of your family can ride them safely. In fact, low-speed scooters don’t even require the rider to have a driving license.

On the other hand, business owners can also buy them to introduce sustainable mobility into their organization’s transportation system. They can save on fuel costs, after-sale services, devaluating assets, and more. Plus, they’ll save time since they won’t have to keep checking their delivery agents’ licenses. It’s a win-win move all around!

Delightful build and performance 

Would you call your ICE scooter quirky? Not so much, right? When you bring home an EV from Nexzu Mobility, you’ll find some surprising and endearing features such as turn LED indicators on the handle grip, backrest, side stand sensor, seat bucket light, and a reverse mode.

But, it’s more than just a cute little scooter. It’s also powerful and smart. The EV is power-packed yet lightweight so you can accelerate faster. Since the battery is placed in the center, it gives you perfect weight distribution and balance. At the end of the day, your convenience and comfort are at the heart of every EV designed by Nexzu Mobility.

Looking ahead 

Finally, brands such as ours are constantly innovating and adding more features to EVs to make them a better option for you. Over the coming years, battery swapping will become more popular everywhere. We’ll save time and effort while ensuring further sustainability.

Furthermore, as brands continue to leverage technology, the world will soon witness smart scooters. These will be integrated with AI-led technologies, such as dashboards that display scooter stats for a more seamless ride.  This indicates that electric mobility is here to stay. It’s the present, and definitely the future.

With this, we go back to the beginning:

If you’re thinking about purchasing an EV – congratulations! You’re going to be a part of something bigger than yourself. You’ll have a role to play in the very future of mobility. So stop thinking, and make that purchase!

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