Last-mile delivery is the backbone of modern commerce, but it comes at an environmental cost. Traditional gas-powered vehicles contribute to pollution and traffic congestion. Enter Nexzu Cargo EVs – the eco-friendly solution for last-mile deliveries.


Nexzu Bazinga Cargo (100Km/charge)


Bazinga Cargo is a game-changer for delivery riders. With an impressive 86 km range per charge, it ensures that deliveries are completed efficiently and without emissions. Its spacious cargo carrier can carry a substantial load, making it the perfect choice for courier services and local deliveries.

Nexzu Roadlark Cargo (37Km/charge)


Rompus + Cargo takes the concept of efficient deliveries to the next level. With an 86 km range and a cargo carrier designed for convenience, it’s a reliable companion for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and delivery costs.


The shift to EV cargo cycles is not just about sustainability; it’s about smart economics. Businesses can save on fuel and maintenance costs while positioning themselves as environmentally responsible. Plus, with increasing awareness of eco-friendly practices, customers appreciate brands that choose sustainable delivery options.


By substituting traditional last-mile delivery vehicles with Nexzu Cargo EVs, businesses can revolutionize their operations, reduce their environmental impact, and enjoy long-term cost savings. It’s a win-win for businesses, customers, and the planet.


Make the smart choice for your last-mile deliveries – choose Nexzu Cargo EVs and be part of the eco-friendly delivery revolution!