Nexzu Mobility, a pioneering force in the realm of electric mobility, has once again captured the spotlight with an impressive display of innovation and excellence. The stage was set at the prestigious EMobility+ State Leadership Awards Maharashtra 2024, where Nexzu Mobility emerged triumphant, winning three coveted awards across different categories.


Roadlark Cargo by Nexzu Mobility – Innovative Last-Mile Delivery Solution:

The first accolade came in the form of the Product/Service Excellence Award for the Roadlark Cargo by Nexzu Mobility. This innovative last-mile delivery solution has been revolutionizing logistics with its efficiency and eco-friendliness, earning well-deserved recognition for its ingenuity.


Nexzu Mobility – Technology Innovation in Electric Mobility (Cargo):


Nexzu Mobility itself was honored with the Technology/Innovation Award for its exceptional contribution to electric mobility in the cargo segment. This award underscores Nexzu Mobility’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and setting new standards in the industry.


Mr. Atulya Mittal, Co-Founder, Nexzu Mobility – Emerging Leader in eMobility- Technology


Last but certainly not least, Mr. Atulya Mittal, the Co-Founder of Nexzu Mobility, was recognized with the Team/Individual Leadership Award for his outstanding leadership as an emerging leader in eMobility – Technology. His visionary guidance has been instrumental in driving Nexzu Mobility’s success story forward.


Shaping a Sustainable Future:

These accolades not only validate Nexzu Mobility’s position as a trailblazer in the eMobility sector but also underscore their unwavering dedication to shaping a sustainable future. Through innovation, excellence, and visionary leadership, Nexzu Mobility continues to redefine the landscape of electric mobility, driving positive change and inspiring others to follow suit.

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