Residents of Hyderabad witnessed a sight this morning: a Zomato delivery rider galloping through the streets on a majestic black horse to deliver the food on time, on January 3, 2023. Why? The delivery executive delivered food on horseback because petrol and diesel supplies were hit across parts of the country due to the truckers’ strike that entered the second day on Tuesday.”

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Howdy, futuristic folks! Heard the buzz from Hyderabad? A Zomato rider, faced with a fuel fiasco during a trucker strike, traded his wheels for hooves – delivering food on horseback through the city streets!

Now, let’s talk about our crossroads. Do we stick to the hoofed heroes when the fuel tanks dry up, or do we hitch a ride on the electric revolution with vehicles that don’t neigh but silently hum through town?

Pause for the quirky twist: Nexzu Mobility’s got the lowdown! They’ve got these electric cycles with cargo carriers, not your usual scooters, mind you. Imagine zipping through the streets, delivering treats with no pollution and a dash of futuristic flair.

So, fellow futurists, what’s the plan? Chuckle along with the horseplay or hop on the electric cycle bandwagon for a quirkier, greener tomorrow. Howdy, future – saddle up and pedal on into the good times!

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