E-cycles help you maintain social distance when you ride and help you cover distances without wearing you out. Maintain those 6 feet without tiring out your feet!

At the first glance, an e-cycle might look just like a regular bicycle. Delving deeper, you’ll find that it’s much, much more. In fact, when you look at an electric cycle, you’re looking at the veritable future of urban mobility – this is something I’ve believed since I set foot in this industry. E-cycles will change the face of urban commuting, making it more environment-friendly. So, what makes an e-cycle so special? It is those ultra-powerful batteries and motors which boost each ride with an electric assist. This essentially helps one go farther with each ride without exerting themselves too much.

Simply put, when you ride an e-cycle you’re saving a lot of energy – yours and the planet’s! While ICE vehicles continue to be mean to the environment, e-cycles have zero emissions and will bring you much closer to that coveted eco-friendly lifestyle.

Another reason why e-cycles make sense is because of the current pandemic that’s ravaging the modern world right now. As the world’s most unwelcome guest makes a resurgence, this is the best time to buy an e-cycle. Why, you ask? It’s because the pandemic has changed the way we travel on a day-to-day basis.

Public transportation such as metro and cabs are way too risky – you must have noticed that these were some of the first services to come to a halt when the virus began spreading rapidly in cities. So, what do you do? Walk? While that may be okay for a short-term solution, it’s quite clear that corona’s here for the long haul. So, why not go electric? E-cycles help you maintain social distance when you ride and help you cover distances without wearing you out. Maintain those 6 feet without tiring out your feet!

Responding to the need of the hour, new-age EV manufacturers have been introducing new, innovative e-cycles in India. With world-class features and highly appealing designs, front-running brands are making your transition to e-cycles more exciting than you could imagine. Almost ready to make the switch? The following benefits of e-cycles will seal the deal:

  1. Affordable: E-cycles are easy on your wallet, forever. After the initial investment when you actually buy the e-cycle, you save thousands of rupees per month. First of all, you’re foregoing diesel and petrol, that’s a significant amount in itself. Plus, if you ride an e-cycle, you get the utility of a scooter with a lower overall cost of travel. Look at this way: If you get an e-cycle, you’ll ride 1,000 kms at INR 50 only – that’s more than affordable. Plus, you’ll get a full charge in half a unit of electricity consumption. Those are numbers that can make anyone smile. But the good news doesn’t end there. The cost of maintaining your e-cycle is much lower than any motorized 2 wheeler. If you break it down, you’re getting personal mobility at the cost of public transportation. It’s the best of both worlds!
  1. Safe: We’re living in tricky times, and it’s up to us to ensure our safety and that of others around us. At this juncture, it is best to avoid traveling by public transport. The alternative, though, does not need to be an ICE vehicle. You can bring home an e-cycle for a safe and fun mobility experience. Okay, this goes without saying, but social distancing only works if you ride alone. No passengers, please!
  2. Convenient: Imagine charging your e-cycle like you charge your phone. Just plug it in for 3 hours during the night and you’re set for the next day. It’s not a sci-fi fantasy, it’s the reality of today’s e-cycles with detachable batteries. Also, whether you’re a teen or a grandparent, an e-cycle is suitable for you. It’s easy and fun to ride for people of all ages. You don’t even need a driver’s license!
  3. Exceptional range: Did you know that, on the back of rapid innovation, the most cutting-edge e-cycle can go 100 km in a single charge? This completely changes the game for city-dwellers who can now use it not just to cover short distances but even for their daily commute to work. It can even be used by businesses to fulfill pick-ups and deliveries. The use-cases are unending – one just needs to be creative!
  4. Healthy: With e-cycles, you have multiple options. You can easily alternate between pedaling and using the motor. The motor itself offers you multiple speed levels. So, you can enjoy a great cycling workout followed by a leisurely, supported-by-your-motor ride before heading home! Now that’s a great way to shed those extra pounds or just getting some exercise every day.

Author: Rohit Goidani, Brand Head, Nexzu Mobility

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Source: financialexpress

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