“High purchase costs and short driving ranges have been considered the main factors that impede people’s decision to buy electric vehicles,” said Kenan Degirmenci, a postdoctoral researcher at the Queensland University of Technology Business School.

Electric vehicles (EV) have gained a lot of popularity and admiration over the past few years. People are realising that EV is our future and therefore, the investment in this world-changing technology across the globe has seen a significant surge. Still, there are some people who are not yet aware of the benefits of adopting EVs.

Why Should The World Adopt EV Technology?

Here are five benefits of EV technology:

  1. EVs save not just the climate but also our lives. Here’s how —

We all very well know that the largest source of climate pollution is due to transportation. To solve these climate crises, we need to make our vehicles as clean and eco-friendly as possible. Also, we have very less time, which is only a decade, to change the way we use energy in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Emissions produced from trucks and cars are not only bad for our planet, but also for the health of humans as well as animals. Air pollutants from diesel, petrol and gasoline vehicles cause so many diseases such as asthma, cancer, premature death and so on.

An earlier study by Duke University calculated the health cost of fuel: each gallon of gasoline purchased at a gas station is accompanied by upto $3.80 in health and environmental costs; the diesel in big rigs is worse, with an additional $4.80 in social costs to our health and climate per gallon. The pollution produced from gasoline vehicles increases the risk of acute cardiovascular events in animals.

On the other hand, EVs produce fewer emissions that contribute to climate change by improving the air quality that can eventually result in less diseases for not only humans but also animals.

  1. Electric vehicles can be charged anywhere and anytime — while at work, at home or on the road. 

“The opportunity to drive an electric car shouldn’t be limited to people who own a home with a garage,” said Sara Gersen.

One of the most liked advantage is that an EV can be recharged wherever they make their home. It is like a smartphone that can be charged at home or on the move. It makes for a good solution for vehicles such as truck and bus fleets that return regularly to a central depot.

As EVs are used more widely, new solutions have been invented for recharging like including adding more public charging locations suitable for users — at parking garages, shopping centres, workplaces etc.

  1. EVs are quieter, making driving a more enjoyable experience

One of the first things that all drivers notice when switching to an electric car is the quietness of the vehicles that gives a far more enjoyable and comfortable experience. Electric cars have instant torque, which means it tends to have a great acceleration from stop.

If a person spends their whole day in an electric car and then returns to a conventional car, they will suddenly realise all kinds of noises and vibrations that we all have trained ourselves to ignore as a part of our normal driving experience.

Batteries in the EV’s are mostly in the floor of the car, which gives excellent balance and amazing distribution. This means one can zip through traffic and move across the town in comfortable and quiet car. Isn’t that how one’s driving should be?

  1. EVs not only reduce air pollution, but noise pollution as well.

The rate of urbanisation in Asia in increasing significantly, making noise pollution an important issue that we can join to reduce. Electric vehicles are far more quieter than diesel and petrol-run cars with their internal combustion engines. The quietness of EVs is not only good for humans but also for the climate as it will help in lowering noise pollution.

Experts even say that noise pollution stands in the way of breeding cycles and rearing of animals, and is even hastening the extinction of some species. By using EVs, we can help some of these endangered animals from becoming extinct and living a happy life that will eventually help us saving the wildlife.

  1. Electric cars are cheaper to maintain.

“No oil to change, no gaskets to replace, no engine to manage, with fewer parts to wear down, EVs are cost-efficient and easy to maintain than internal combustion engine vehicles.”

Unlike conventional vehicles, EVs are more suitable as they have fewer moving parts. There are generally three main components that power the vehicle – inventer, the on-board charger and motor. This means there is little stress, and less wear and tear on the vehicle. This implies that one will rarely have to have their EVs serviced, and even the running and repair cost will be minimal.


Source: youthkiawaaz