Existing Nexzu Mobility’s  E-Bicycle is covered with warranty as per below detail from the date of sale & is applicable to original purchaser only.

(From the date of sale)
Frame 12 months functional (6 months aesthetic)
Front Fork 12 months
Battery 18 months
Charger 6 months
Motor 36V 250 W 18 months
Controller 6 months


  1. Nexzu Mobility e-bicycle gives warranty against six parts shown in above table for the defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is limited to the material / workmanship / manufacturing defects arising solely whilst normal and regular use of bicycle.
  2. If Nexzu Mobility is of the opinion that the claim is genuine and within warranty; this warranty will still be limited to repair or replacement of defective parts only with new or equivalent part. The right to determine whether a part needs repair and/or rectification and / or free replacement rests solely with Nexzu Mobility Pvt. Ltd. The smallest sub-assembly/child part/parts possible will be replaced under warranty. Any part replaced under warranty becomes the property of company.
  3. The warranty period of the part being replaced or repaired under warranty shall commence from the date of sale of bicycle & not from the date of replacement given.
  4. This warranty applies only to original owners and is not transferable.
  5. This warranty shall be declared null and void in the following circumstances : 
  1.  Parts damaged due to fitment of additional accessories in vehicles other than original fitment.
  2.  If any part/power train component is damaged due to tempering, sealed found broken, negligence, faulty workmanship during repair on vehicle.
  3.  Consumable and fragile parts like brake pads, bulbs, plastic parts, horn, hardware & rubber parts etc.
  4.  Parts of the vehicle getting affected due to atmospheric / environmental factors.
  5. Parts non functional due to normal wear and tear, ageing, misuse, negligence or reported for any consequential damage.
  6. Expiry/lapse of warranty period.
  7. If bicycle is modified/altered for any specific purpose other than personal transport, like for any commercial purpose of whatsoever nature, for any event of any kind including but not limited to stunts or competitions or setting of record of any kind that invites product abuse or gaming or other type of riding which is unreasonable.
  8. Bicycle used for carrying more than permissible load.
  9. Bicycle damaged due to natural or man-made calamities such as flooding, fire, falling objects, accident etc.
  10. Periodical service not carried out by a skilled technician.
  11. If the bicycle purchased from an un-authorized dealer.
  1. Warranty for battery, motor and charger will not be considered in following cases.
  1. In case of water logging found in the battery or motor which happens only when components are fully immersed in water intentionally or accidently.
  2. Breakage of battery container and breakage / deformation of terminal due to mechanical shock like hammering.
  3. If the battery and / or motor are used in any other application.
  4. If sticker on charger is removed / torn then charger warranty will be void.
  5. Li-ion batteries are warranted against manufacturing defects, abnormal drop in AH values and against any leakages. Warranty will be applicable as per below table.
Time Period from date of sale of vehicle AH of battery cell below which it will be considered as fail for battery capacity 1kwh Remarks
5.2 AH 8.7 AH
0 to 12 months 4.16AH 6.6AH Battery pack will be replaced with a new pack or in accordance with their normal consumption pattern
13 to 18 3.64AH 5.77AH Current battery pack will be replaced with new 4.1 AH or 6.6 AH battery pack respectively

  1.  This warranty does not apply to proprietary parts of Indian origin like tyre/tube. This should be claimed directly by customer with the respective manufacturers or their franchisee. Nexzu Mobility will not be liable to replace them.
  2. The company may make any modification or improvement of the vehicle in future production at any time based on technology advancements without any obligation to install the modification or improvement on the vehicle that has already been dispatched from the factory.
  3. Original bill/owners manual to be produced for considering any claim under warranty. Customer need to bring his/her vehicle to the authorized dealer/distributor of the company.
  4. In case of any dispute of whatsoever nature pertaining to warranty and claim the decision of Nexzu Mobility will be final and binding on all parties including but not limited to service partners and customers. Any dispute shall be subject matter of courts of law in Jurisdiction of Pune, India.