1. Customer: What are the different e-bicycle models that you offer ?

Nexzu: We offer two e-bicycle models Roadlark & Rompus+.


2. Customer: Do your e-bicycles have a pedal or a throttle ?

Nexzu: All our e-bicycle models have both, a pedal as well as a throttle.


3. Customer: What is the type of motor ?

Nexzu: BLDC Motor.


4. Customer: What is the power of motor ?

Nexzu: Roadlark & Rompus+ : 250W 36V.


5. Customer: Which type of battery ?

Nexzu: Battery is Lithium-ion.


6. Customer: What is voltage / AH of battery ?

Nexzu: Voltage is 36V for all three models. Roadlark – 5.2 AH + 8.7 AH, Rompus+  – 5.2 AH


7. Customer: What is the charging time ?

Nexzu: For 5.2 AH – 2.5 – 3 hours for full charge. For 8.7 AH – 4.5 – 5 hours for full charge.


8. Customer: How should I look after my battery ?

Nexzu: Avoid any damage or water seepage to the battery. Refer battery maintenance tips.


9. Customer: Can the battery be taken out from the e-bicycle ?

Nexzu: Yes, in case of Roadlark 8.7 AH battery can be taken out. In the case of Rompus+ the bike needs to be taken to a service center to remove the battery.


10. Customer: How much unit does the cycle consume for one charge ?

Nexzu: Less than 0.5 unit.


11. Customer: Is the battery safe ?

Nexzu: Yes, it is safe like any other battery used in other automobiles.


12. Customer: What is the battery Life ?

Nexzu: All batteries 750 cycles.


13. Customer: Should I completely drain the battery before charging it ?

Nexzu: Though you can charge the battery anytime, letting the battery drain up to 10% before charging is recommended.


14. Customer: What is the range of e-Bicycle ?

Nexzu: Roadlark : Pedelec Mode 80 km, Throttle Mode 55 km. Rompus+ : Pedelec Mode 22 km, Throttle Mode 28 – 32 km.


15. Customer: What is the size of tyre ?

Nexzu: 26” Cotton tube tyre.


16. Customer: What is frame material ?

Nexzu: Cold rolled steel.


17. Customer: What is the braking system ?

Nexzu: Roadlark & Rompus+ : Front & Rear – Electronic disc brake


18. Customer: How much does the e-biycle weigh?

Nexzu: E-bicycle Roadlark weighs 26 kgs & Rompus+ weighs 23 kgs.


19. Customer: How fast will my e-bicycle go ?

Nexzu: The maximum speed is up to 25 km/hr.


20. What are the steps to order cancellation? 

Nexzu: Order can be cancelled within 48 hours. No questions asked.
Send mail to [email protected] along with order id and product details, requesting for cancellation. We will confirm your cancellation with a response.
Refunds to be issued within 7 – 10 business days.